Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Organizations rely heavily on information technology; without it, business operations would cease to function.  Multiple risks are present in all organizations that threaten the security and resiliency of any IT system.  It is vital to understand, acknowledge and document all present risks to ensure that the threat of downtime and lost revenue is minimized and mitigated sufficiently.

A Risk Assessment will assist your organization to detect areas within your IT department and information systems that may present a risk to business operations.  Our security team can provide several different types of assessments, including:

  • Security Risk Assessment
  • HIPAA Risk Assessment
  • PCI Risk Assessment

The assessment should not only identify security risks and their potential effects, but should also identify potential control measures to offset any negative impact on the organization’s business processes or assets.



Understand Your Current Risk Exposure. A risk assessment is a requirement for multiple compliance requirements across industries. A comprehensive risk assessment by NIL allows you to gain an understanding of your exposure to threats and vulnerabilities. Existing risks are identified and evaluated for likelihood and impact. Risk mitigation is then prioritized for your key assets and systems, policies, procedures and controls.

Regulatory Compliance. Your organization likely has to comply with local and international regulation, as well as industry-specific regulatory compliance standards. A risk assessment is a requirement for most compliance standards, such as the HIPAA, ISO, and PCI DSS.

Address Emerging Threats. New and more complex threats appear every day, and your business needs to move with the pace of technology to protect itself from threats. The risk assessment will help you evaluate your position against the current and emerging threats, and help you plan for security and cost management when reviewing new vendors and technologies.

Identify Costs. It’s impossible to be completely risk-free, and a comprehensive risk assessment will estimate the likelihood and potential impact of identified threats exploiting known vulnerabilities. This will help you decide how to take action to reduce the likelihood and impact of an adverse event. You can use the assessment to decide on future risk mitigation activities based on return on investment, budget allocation, and availability of resources.

Prevent Security Breaches. Even if you’ve never had security problems, a risk assessment is a great way to predict your likelihood of having one. Specialists will identify all possible security risks and address them accordingly. When all of your risks have been taken care of, you stand a good chance of preventing any future security breaches.

Improve Your Current System. You might think that you have a great security system, but it’s hard to know what aspects can be improved on. Our experts will come in and work with your staff to identify problem areas and points of weakness. The collaboration between our staff and yours will result in a more effective security system that will cover more ground and help keep your building secure.